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Groupshow "Enclosed Space"




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Friday, 5 April 2024 to Saturday, 27 April 2024
Friday, 5 April 2024 - 7:00pm

Under the Label enclosed space the participating artists show their works at irregular intervals and in shifting cooperation’s. They are all united by their preference and love for the enclosed space, regardless of the formal approach.

Participating artists:
Kirstin Arndt / Claudia Larissa Artz / Wolfgang Flad / Stefanie Klingemann / Robin Merkisch / Kai Richter / Ariadni Vitastali


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Kirstin Arndt marks and defines space through her work. To do this, she uses material, which is known from other contexts, for example metal sheets, impact sound insulation or PVC tarpaulins. The folding and draping forms the material in unusual shape(s), builds and encloses space and interacts with the respective exhibition venue, so that her large-format works are much more interventions and installations than just sculptures.

Claudia Larissa Artz‘ enclosed space refers much more to the metaphysical space then to the physical in her paintings and drawings, where she spreads her own strict system of forms, that often derives from geometric elements used as building components for her pictorial spaces before they are partly dissolved again, looking worn out and aged, pointing towards the fact that space never exists absolutely but always only temporarily.

Wolfgang Flad`s spatial objects evoke association to organic structures, it even seems as if the materialized, visible space of the objects is actually just the space in between the invisible organic structures. The enclosed space turns into the gap in between spaces.

Stefanie Klingemann occupies space with her interventions. Through subtle, minimal interventions in exhibition and/or public spaces, she shifts their reception. Besides physical interventions she also used methods of action and performance. The enclosed space for her is the material warehouse she uses for her works.

The photographer and sculptor Robin Merkisch surrounds in his Wood Models for Concrete Sculptures space. These sculpture models are optionally reminiscent of architectural master plans of cities, bunkers or guarding facilities, which also have to do with their materiality of pressed wood, that surrounds an aura of practicality and massiveness.

The sculptures of Kai Richter do not surround the room, but challenge, define and force it into a different direction. At the same time, the space dominates the work. It all starts from it. Building materials serve as tools in dealing with the space. But they also form the aesthetic canon of Richter’s works.

In Ariadni Vitastali’s drawings, the space of the paper becomes the enclosed space and therefore the territory of pictorial episodes in which elements of form, color, gesture and line are in a kind of suspended state and define this space as abstract elements, which liberate a fleeing view of the momentary and subjective reality.

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Vernissage: Friday, April 5, 2024, 7pm

Finissage + Artist Talk: Saturday, April 27, 2024, 5pm


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Mechenstrasse 25, 53129 Bonn

Finissage + Artist Talk: I don`t know how to love you teach me to love
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05/31/2024 to 06/29/2024
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05/03/2024 to 05/30/2024



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