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Title: Multidisciplinary Artist
Country: United Kingdom
City: London

- About -

I am a multidisciplinary artist and a Spiritual coach. My art practice includes Visual Art, Performance and Textile. I have been a practicing artist for over two decades and my work is rooted in her upbringing in Iran and her colourful life. Since I very young I was encouraged to draw by her family and, as a neurodivergent child, it became a refuge for me especially in awkward social situations. My style is Idiosyncratic, combining different styles such as visionary, expressive, illustration and abstract. My works are dense with imagery, often containing Jungian Archetypes, distorted popular culture icons and snapshots of her memories and daily life.
Inspirations from the rich cultural elements of Iranian heritage and living under the strict rules of The Islamic Republic, especially during the unsettling time of war with Iraq, combined with my complicated childhood experiences, has been the foundation of my being which is reflected in my work. I believe my works can be experienced like psychedelic journeys, acting as mirrors reflecting deep parts of the viewer back at them. I often uses my paintings for divination and my own self development and currently working on incorporating them into my Spiritual Coaching practice.