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The Stars of Tomorrow




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Friday, 23 July 2021 to Thursday, 19 August 2021

Tethys Art is pleased to present The Stars of Tomorrow, the second exhibition to be hosted in the space on 71 Hill Street in Southampton, New York.

Bringing together established artists and emerging artists with great potential, the exhibition aims at showcasing both quality and experimentation. The artists selected are all at different stages in their careers, from fresh out of school to artists with institutional presence. Through such diversity, The Stars of Tomorrow aims to track the evolution of an artist’s practice from their first breaks into the art world, to their extended success. 

The art world in the past decades has seen a deluge of artists, galleries, and art fairs, making it extremely difficult to sort through and judge where quality art is. Only an insider of the art world has the eye to sort through and curate, from the ever-changing art market, a collection of brilliant emerging and versed artists. 

Part of Tethys’ mission is to bring the knowledge of experts of the art market to the public.

The platform works with collectors to show audiences how emerging artists can stand their ground next to established ones, bringing new, innovative perspectives to the table to the contemporary standard that has set the scene.

The exhibition The Stars of Tomorrow reflects Tethys’ core values, representing contemporary artists who challenge the status quo through their work, creating new dialogues and synergies. 

The artists included in the show are Jonas Wood, Joel Mesler, Josh Smith, Sydney Vernon, Gabriela Cohen, Monsieur Zohore, Heather Day, Jessica Lichenstein. 

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71 Hill Street Southampton, New York 11968

Tethys Art , Southampton, NY

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