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Book Launch / Alter Us: Not the End of Us



Thursday, 5 May 2022
Thursday, 5 May 2022 - 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Alter Us is an international, multi-disciplinary artist collective that questions and offers solutions to issues within our contemporary context. The collective’s concerns relate to challenges encountered in an anthropocentric world, including sustainability, (dis)connection, individualism, capitalism, (in)equality, and the relationship between nature and new technologies.

To counteract contemporary art practice, where the individuality of the artist
prevails, the name “Alter Us” was selected in favour of collectivism over individualism. Founded in London in November 2018, with no entry requirements, the collective became a social experiment within which the power dynamics and number of artists continually fluctuated.

‘Not the End of Us’ is a Alter Us publication at Bookery Gallerie, London
Alter Us meets monthly to fulfil its aims and plan events, with digital
conferences replacing physical meetings during lockdowns. The collective has
organised talks, panel discussions, exhibitions, performances, and film screenings. This publication is the final project and acts as a record of all that was achieved together.

The comical title, ‘Not the End of Us’, is a play on the collective’s name, and the fact that despite this publication being the last official Alter Us project, it is not the end of the artists’ relationships with one another,

it is merely a ‘long goodbye’…

Alter Us will launch their farewell publication, ‘Not the End of Us’, on Thursday 5 th May at Bookery Gallerie, 20 Church Street, NW8 8EP, Marylebone, London. All welcome!

You can purchase tickets to the event through the Eventbrite

£7 Publication + Complimentary Drink
£4 Drink Tokens
£10 Publication
£5 Drink Tokens

18:00–18:30: Reception

18:30–18:45: Opening Speech by Alter Us Artist

19:00–19:30: Performance by Teresa Paiva

20:00–20:15: Closing Speech by Lesley Butler

20:15–22:00: Drinks & Socialising

About Bookery Gallerie: Emporium bookshop and new creative venture in 20 Church Street, NW8 8EP, Marylebone, London. It is situated in the heart of a parade of established antique shops and is right opposite the world-famous Alfie’s Antiques Market. It presents a programme of established and emerging artists from far and wide and also very much encourages and includes local artists. The well-lit extended gallery space has high ceilings, white walls and four huge skylights flooding the space with natural light. Featured artists will display their art in this inviting location, where the exhibition programme will provide a platform to show their work in either solo or group shows, with many possibilities of collaborating with each other.

Venue ( Address ): 

Bookery Gallerie, 20 Church Street, NW8 8EP, Marylebone, London.

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