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21 Artists London final exhibition


21 Artists: London opens its final exhibition on Tuesday May 21st.The exhibition is the result of 21 days of work by innovative and socially-driven artists, coming from a wide range of disciplines, cultures and ages, who have being creating and displaying their work throughout an empty courthouse building in 3Space’s Blackfriars Hub, at 58 Victoria Embankment. The event, which will take place from 6 to 10 pm, is free and open to the general public.

 21 Artists: London has been running from April 29 and will continue until May 21st. The project was made in collaboration with 3Space and facilitated by Meg Peterson (the artist in-residence). The artists: dancers, musicians, performance artists, poets, painters, illustrators, architects and culinary artists will be featured in the space during the 21 days of the project to showcase their creative process while making their artwork. Visitors are invited to come in, enjoy the space and even in some cases, take part in the creative process with each artist. Meg Peterson said: “the project provides artists across the city an opportunity to broaden their network, make art and collaborate outside of their comfort zones in the space. Its aim is celebrating artists while bringing the arts to an unused space, engaging the public and local community groups, beautifying the internal environment and promoting the arts across the city”.

 The 21 Artists project will be documented through a combination of interviews, videos, photographs and artistic renderings. Artists will be paired together to create work in addition to work made by the artist-in-residence. Filmmaker Pablo Robertson said: "I really love how '21 Artists' brings people together in a free space to express themselves and interact with each other through different mediums. I've been shooting footage for my project for the final exhibition and it has been an inspiring experience thus far". All the work made in the space will be displayed on the May 21st exhibition.

Artist ( Description ): 

Matthew Reynolds, Paul Harrison, Bettina Fung, Les Mechants, Adrian Mills, Francesco Benenato, Warren Fox, Gabriela Parra, Ali Zaidi, Sequin Kay, Daniel Campagne, Natalie Oliveri, Yolanda Mercy, Sarah Louise Kristiansen, Andi Schmeid, David Adjei, Pia Tuulia Cabble, Pablo Robertson, Laurie Nouchka, Poppy Green, Sara Dziadik, Andrea Rania, Charles Jean-Pierre & James Flowers.

Other Info: 

About the 21 Artists project

After a successful pilot project in Chicago, 21 Artists: London, an unprecedented arts-based cultural regeneration project taking place in 3Space’s Blackfriars Hub, kicks off April 29, running through the 21st of May. The project showcases 21 artists from a vast array of creative disciplines in an unused space to celebrate the creative process, collaborate and explore ways that artists and visionaries can work together to revitalize communities and empty spaces, 21 days at a time. David Ben-Porat from the Chicago project said: "I was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful and successful outcome of our featured participation in 21. As artists, we often aspire to be in the spontaneous situation of improvisation and instantaneous creation, but the ego always bats an eye of judgment and evaluation toward these magical moments. in so, when one can look back in hindsight and see the awesome result of that naked moment, it’s a very gratifying feeling".

 About 3Space

3Space is an innovative charity which unlocks the potential of empty commercial property by making it available for temporary community use.

Venue ( Address ): 

3Space’s Blackfriars Hub, 58 Victoria Embankment, London. EC4Y 0DS

21 Artists , London

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21 Artists London final exhibition

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