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A dialogue in painting and ceramics






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Tuesday, 10 October 2023 to Sunday, 29 October 2023
Tuesday, 10 October 2023 - 7:00pm

Gallery70 is proud to welcome , in the framework of the cultural activities of German October 2023, a captivating exhibition that celebrates the creative prowess of two remarkable female artists, Irena Buzi from Tirana, Albania and GabrielA Schenke from Berlin, Germany.  Both artists work on  the mediums of painting and ceramics,  exploring  the realms of nature, abstraction, and transformation, weaving together a narrative that speaks to the heart of human expression.
In the world of flora and fauna, Artist  GabrielA Schenke’s canvases bloom with the vibrant vitality of flowers and plants. With every brushstroke, she breathes life into her subjects, capturing the delicate interplay of light and shadow dancing upon petals and leaves. Her mastery of color and form reveals an intimate connection to the natural world, as she effortlessly transfers the essence of blossoms onto her canvases. Each stroke is a whisper of nature's secrets, inviting us to pause and ponder the profound beauty that surrounds us daily.
Complementing this organic abundance is the enigmatic work of the artist Irena Buzi, whose abstract paintings and mini sculptures on ceramics beckon us into a realm of introspection and imagination. Her creations transcend the boundaries of the tangible, leading us on a journey through the ethereal landscapes of thought and emotion. Her art invites us to question and interpret, to find our own narratives within the interplay of colors, textures, and shapes.
The tactile world of ceramics melds with the boundless canvas of painting, each medium informing the other, allowing us to explore the boundaries and intersections of creativity.
Join us in this celebration of artistic duality, where the delicate and the abstract converge, and where the vivid colors of nature blend with the enigmatic strokes of the imagination. These two remarkable artists invite us to journey alongside them, as they unveil the beauty that resides within both the seen and the unseen, the known and the mysterious.
Through the juxtaposition of these two artists' works, Gallery70 pursue its goal at building and promoting a dialogue between local and international artists,  acting as an international creative hub in Albania. The artists will held an workshop on ceramics  at Ken’s Atelier in Tirana on October 11, 2023
A special thank to the German Embassy in Albania for the support to this event.

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Gallery70, rruga Abdi Toptani at Toptani Center, Ground Floor, Tirana 1000, AL

Gallery70 , Tirana

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