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Friday, 15 December 2023

Art by Kun Li

On Friday, December 15, 2023, The Espejo Organization for the Arts (EOarts) will present the second edition of "THE EXTRAORDINARIES," an exhibition uniting some of the most exceptional foreign-born talents contributing to the American creative industry.

"The show aims to spotlight the quality and innovation that imported talent infuses into the cultural and creative fabric of the United States," states Kika Espejo, Director of EOarts. The exhibition, which derives its name from the visa and permanent resident status granted to professionals demonstrating extraordinary ability in the arts, encompasses a diverse array of creative practices from immigrant artists worldwide. "Many creatives with Extraordinary Ability immigration status often operate in the shadows, and the broader public may not fully grasp the vital role imported talent plays in shaping our country's creative industry," explains Espejo.

This second edition of the show is curated by Erica Reade and Gaspar Marquez, both highly esteemed artists with over a decade of involvement in the New York Arts community, who are “extraordinaries” themselves. Erica, renowned for her iconic beach lovers' images, is a photographer, arts manager, and educator, and Co-Founder of the Camara of the Month Club. Gaspar Marquez, an award-winning fine art and boudoir photographer, is known for his longstanding collaborations with publications like NAKID and fashion shows like Nolcha.

Initially presented in March 2023, "THE EXTRAORDINARIES is a one-of-its-kind event that transcends the traditional concept of an art show," Marquez explains. "Multidisciplinary shows have the ability to generate narratives that extend beyond the boundaries of each medium, providing attendees with a wider and more complex view of the creative practices that are prevalent in today’s international creative community," adds Reade. For this winter edition, Marquez and Reade curated an outstanding selection of pieces and projects that span visual arts, design, illustration, film, and other multidisciplinary practices.

In the visual arts, the exhibition will feature works by Spanish illustrator Patricia Bolaños, Japanese sand artist Naoshi, Lebanese Armenian mixed media artist Hildos, and Spanish painters Amaia Marzabal and Aida Miro. Ukrainian surface and texture artist Maksym Kazarin, Brazilian artist and producer Roberta Barbosa, and Indian multidisciplinary artist Kuldeep Singh will also participate.

In the realm of photography, the show will include four distinguished professionals: fashion and documentary photographer Izabella Demavlys from Sweden, still photographer Beatrice Aguirre from Colombia, street and portrait photographer and educator Anya Broido from the UK, and Colombian fine art photographer Julian Montenegro, who curated the first edition.

Additionally, the event will showcase exceptional creatives in visual communications and design, such as Chilean art director Nico Mardones, 3D artist Jenny Jiang from New Zealand, English graphic designer Crissy Bogusz, and the Czech 3D design duo Johana & Maxim Kroft.

In the fields of interior design and architecture, the show will present the pieces of Korean furniture designer Joseph Chun, the work of Indian architect Keerti Nair, and the visually striking graphics of Chinese architectural designer Kun Li, which are used for the show's promotion.

In fashion, the exhibition will feature works by Chinese creative director Churou Wang, Japanese costume designer Saori Mitome, Chinese fashion designer Xuan Fu, and Chinese bespoke tailor and designer Yuecen Ricky Cai, who will present garments from his new fashion brand YUECEN.

In addition to the exhibition, the event will host three special performances and presentations. Spanish actor and producer Edu Diaz will present an excerpt from his successful play, "A Drag is Born." Chinese actress Cynthia Yiru Hu will perform one of her outstanding monologues, while producer Lander Camarero and his business partner Walter Rodriguez are scheduled to present their innovative cultural token startup, Defy Funding.

Other notable pieces that will be presented during the event include the collaborative project "New York Women & The Zodiac" by Brazilian editor and astrologist Larissa Xavier and illustrator Niege Borges, as well as a screening of an award-winning film by Russian video and film producer Ekaterina Behor.

The event counts with the support of LA-based Colombian cultural producer Octavio Galvis and will be enhanced by the music of Dj3ddesigner.

By Martha Gutierrez

December 8, 2023

Venue ( Address ): 

35 Meadow Street. Brooklyn, NY

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