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Koyaanisqatsi Through the contemporary lens Curator tour and reception




Saturday, 4 March 2023

Contemporary makers infuse philosophy , mythology , abstraction, counterculture as well as a discourse upon ethnography. In addition to exploring the pure physicality of materials through the fundamental elements and principles of design, Koyaanisqatsi also looks to explore the experiential nature of the Qatsi trilogy. Only now reimagined through the lens of contemporary artists.

Dates: February 22, 2023 - March 7, 2023


Curator tour and reception Saturday March 4th, 6-8pm 

Closing party: Tuesday March 7th, 7-9pm 


Inspired by the Godfrey Reggio directed film, The Koyaanisqatsi exhibition presents contemporary art as phenomena. A frame for frame display that challenges the mind to develop its own meaning - in which the allure lies heavily in intrinsic value. So while there may be this or that intention within showcasing these works, any meaning or value Koyaanisqatsi might have comes exclusively from the beholder. The exhibition is to allure as well as raise questions that require one to engage with their own perceptions. Perhaps this is the highest intent of any tableau, not predetermined meaning, but meaning derived from one's own conditioning or discernment. Ethnography is of interest here, not meaning. So in the sense of contemporary art and particularly with this exhibit, the meaning of Koyaanisqatsi is whatever one’s mind shall perceive it to be. If there is anything to be achieved by merging this group of artists, it is blending the tactile with the unabashedly abstract. An effort that focuses on subjectively seeking ourselves in each other. 


Artists; Mac Blackout, Emiliana Henriquez, Paul Rusconi, Martin Etem, Logan Alten, Chris Rocket, Steven Erebus, Ingrid Mathurin, Oto-Abasi


Curator: Deandre Santee

Curator :

Venue ( Address ): 

2525 Michigan Ave., #A2, Santa Monica, CA 90404

bG GALLERY , Santa Monica

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