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"5 Days of Conspiracy" solo exhibition by Linas Kaziulionis




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Saturday, 4 March 2023

Solo exhibition "5 Days of Conspiracy"

Linas is fascinated by conspiracy theories, propaganda, and social media engagement mechanisms. He analyses how it is constructed and influences us, especially visual information.

Lately, climate change, COVID-19 and vaccination have affected everyone literally. We are forced to have opinions and make decisions; we no longer stay neutral observers. Moreover, social media has become our opinions' filter bubble to which we are addicted. On the one hand, people become united in small communities; on the other hand, they split up dramatically among themselves because of radical views. It is not the demonstration of democracy anymore as it affects the balance of societies and even countries.

While Linas does not judge or tries to shape people's opinion, he shows the influence mechanism and invites us to think about how we consume data and information. He creates his conspiracy theory called "Controller" and constructs the narrative by his paintings and their names. He manipulates our imagination with his works of art and uses us to spread imaginary stories as artefacts. It reminds us to think more about the information we consume and follow.

You are invited to participate in visuals of Linas Kaziulionis's conspiracy theory and meet the chemical "Controller" creators, which spreads via food, air and people become easily controlled by a powerful minority. Use your imagination to fill the gaps!

By Ornela Ramasauskaite


Opening event 28th February 2023, 7 pm. Closing event 4th March 2023, 4–7 pm at the "SLA ART SPACE" (307 West 30th street, New York, NY 10001).


Linas Kaziulionis website:

IG: @linaskaziulionis 


In partnership with "artXchange Global" 

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Linas Kaziulionis (b. 1993, Lithuania) is one of the most promising emerging artists from Europe (Lithuania), focusing on painting and mural art. He has a Master's degree in art (painting) from Vilnius Art Academy (Lithuania) and is the winner of the "Young Painter Prize Baltics" and the winner of the "Best Street Artist in Europe" (MarteLive, Italy) (both November 2022). In addition, Linas participated in many international mural art festivals, exhibitions and events (Denmark, Kosovo, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Thailand etc.) and will have solo shows in Paris (H Gallery), Vilnius (Pamenkalnio galerija), Trakai (Trakų Vokės dvaro sodyba), Rome and residence in Iceland in 2023.

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"SLA ART SPACE" (307 West 30th street, New York, NY 10001).

artXchange Global , Vilnius

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