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Malmöfornia Dreamin




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Saturday, 8 July 2023 to Saturday, 29 July 2023
Saturday, 8 July 2023 - 7:00pm

Durden and Ray invites you to the exhibition Malmöfornia Dreamin', a unique showcase of works that artistically bridges the gap between Sweden and California. The exhibition brings together artists from the artist-run exhibition spaces Galleri Rostrum in Malmö, Sweden, and Durden and Ray in  Los Angeles.

Following the success of the exhibition A Time and a Place at Galleri Rostrum in May of 2023, Durden and Ray now presents the second installment of this collaboration with works that range from paintings and drawings to videos and sculptures. This collection of works is a reflection of the diverse and unique perspectives and techniques of its gallery members, presenting a singular opportunity for international exchange. Malmöfornia Dreamin' proposes a shared vision of creating a space where geography and language are transcended by artistic expression.

Galleri Rostrum is an artist-run gallery in Malmö. Established in 1985, Rostrum’s cornerstone is to put the artist in center, underscoring artistic integrity and freedom of expression. The gallery presents a wide scope of contemporary art in the form of local and international exhibitions, projects and events. Its program includes Art After Work (AAW)–experimental and processual events between exhibitions; Projekt Rostrum—exchanges and collaborations with a variety of other galleries, project spaces and institutions; as well as active participation in art fairs, conferences and workshops. Gallery Rostrum is a non-profit organization directed by Konstnärsgruppen Rostrum with support from the Swedish Arts Council and The City of Malmö.

The ScandiLA project is the first step in connecting the artistic communities of Los Angeles and the Swedish cities of Stockholm and Malmö in an ongoing process to interconnect artist-run spaces globally. All three cities have a thriving arts community and it is our mission to create a forum to promote reciprocity among the participating spaces. This sharing of concepts and culture will create a unique dialog and create long lasting relationships between our participating spaces with the goal of creating a larger international platform in which these exchanges can flourish into the future. @scandiLa 

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1206 Maple Avenue, #832 Los Angeles, CA 90015 

Durden and Ray , Los Angeles

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