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Cityscape Show IV: L.A.ndscape




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Saturday, 20 July 2024 to Saturday, 17 August 2024
Saturday, 20 July 2024 - 10:00am to 7:00pm

For the last fourteen years, the gallery has presented The Cityscape Show with each edition focusing on a different angle of how artists see the strange metropolis that is Los Angeles.

The genre of landscape painting is deeply entrenched in the history of art in the US - majestic mountains, wide vistas, rolling plains.  In the past, those were the spaces to be explored and recorded.  Our lives have changed - now cities are the places people go to forge their own path, to find community, to start over, to create something new.  The concrete jungle has replaced the wilderness as the frontier where one tests their mettle.  And so the roll landscape painting plays has evolved - the landscape so many of us live with now is an urban landscape.  And yet here in Los Angeles, city views are punctuated by natural ones - this sprawling city is bisected by hills too steep to build on and divided by concrete rivers, but it is united under one glorious and enormously vast sky.  

The cityscape show this year, titled L.A.ndscape, looks at the views that artists capture of this city - their depictions of the wilds of Los Angeles.  Sometimes that is an epic vista of sprawl and hills, or an intimate portrait of the light, or the canyon of the LA River - the mass of steel and concrete and palm trees and power lines and desert light that is Los Angeles.

The show this year features Patricia Chidlaw, Francis DiFronzo, Anastasia Egeli, Carla Falb, Bradley Hankey, Kenny Harris, Danny Heller, Eric Hesse, Bryan Ida, Mary-Austin Klein, Terry Leness, Raymond Logan, Judy Nimtz, Bradford Salamon, Ben Schwab, Terry Thompson, Christine Rasmussen, and Kevin Yaun among others.

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Gallery Hours: Wed-Sat, 10am-5pm

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2716 S. La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Billis Williams Gallery , Los Angeles

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