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Stewart Francis Easton "MOTHERSHIP:EARTH" exhibition open



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Saturday, 17 July 2021

We are super excited to announce the opening of Mothership:Earth a solo exhibition by Stewart Francis Easton. The show will run from June through mid-July 2021.
The reception will be held on Saturday 26th June from 2-5pm. As the borders are still closed to the UK folk, (if he can keep his eyes open, London time would be 10pm - 1 am), Stewart will attend via zoom.


Mothership:Earth is an active space containing three specific working methods which relate to and enable a deep connection with the Earth as a living sentient entity.


Through the working methods involved in the creation of the works which make up Mothership:Earth, a shift in awareness developed through the repetition of movement, and the visual solitude of the creative activity. This enabled a reawakening of the phenomena of time. More specifically the slowing down of time which is a byproduct of hand sewing and the repetitious mantra-like movement.


The exhibition is divided into three spaces :

Focused Awareness

Earth Music

Deep Listening


All three spaces relate to an activity which can create; and effect a slowing down and appreciation of the Earth and its diverse environments.

Focused awareness is an activity which is actioned within the realm of hand embroidery. Through this act of focused awareness the consciousness of the stitcher is expanded which enables an appreciation of the connectedness of life.

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Breaking the traditional boundaries of craft, Stewart Francis Easton’s work fuses together hand embroidery, sonic art and music.

Drawing upon and using folk song, story and social history as a starting point Easton works with the space and weight of story to create large scale wall-based pieces which emphasize the passage of time within a single panel.

Easton emphasizes the need to create using the hand as it is in this process that a connection is made with the story allowing a slowing down and immersion in the moment.

Most recently Easton has been exploring the connection between the process of hand embroidery / expansion of awareness / and abstract forms into a body of hand stitched works documenting a daily practice of stitching meditation.


STEWART FRANCIS EASTON (B. 1976, United Kingdom) Easton has had a number of solo/ group shows both in the UK and USA. His work is part of private collections in the UK and Internationally.

Stewart Francis Easton lives and works in London, UK.

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NEVADA 89448

Melhop Gallery º7077 , Glenbrook

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