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Samuel Lynne Galleries Presents: Glamour.RAW by Tyler Shields





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Saturday, 23 September 2023

Samuel Lynne Galleries is honored to announce Tyler Shields’ return to Dallas, Texas for the opening of his 2023 exhibition here at SLG.   Shields’ provocative and nostalgic photography challenges the boundaries of our world and mind, breaking through the glass ceiling of creativity and loaded messages. His iconic images are on display in leading galleries and museums worldwide, and Shields has been honored as the only living photographer to ever have a solo exhibition at Sotheby’s auction house, one of the world’s leading auction houses in both prestige and historical reputation. Shields has correctly achieved the reputation of a rebel in the arts world, as he attempts to bring forth the more theoretical concepts of beauty, glamour, and risk. He is a master scene maker, who creates many of his shoot locations right in his backyard, constantly reminding us to consider our limitations less than we consider our dreams. It is a deep desire to shock, include, awe-inspire, and concern his viewers that ends up manifesting inspiration in his collectors to challenge norms, question the answers they have been given, and be fearless in the taking up of space. Shields invites all types of appreciators to enjoy his artwork, but simultaneously asks them to challenge their perceptions while doing so.  Fine art photographer Tyler Shields uses the symbols and brands that we know so well, urging us to morph these commonly understood symbols in our own minds. Whether he is taking a chainsaw to a Birkin handbag or staging a model on the edge of a flying helicopter, there are no boxes that Shields’ artistry fits in. He is using a nostalgic form of photo taking with raw film and the Hasselblad camera, somehow still making more charges into the future of photography than others. It is this ode to the past with an eye seeing around corners that makes his photography so special. As a world champion of the X-Games, Shields would have been a global star at anything he chose to do, we are just grateful that he chose photography.  This exhibition will be a culmination of Shields’ most popular work along with his newest releases. Join us in welcoming this provocative artist who encourages us to explore the far reaches of our own mind.

Venue ( Address ): 

1105 Dragon St.

Dallas, TX 75207

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