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New York Peony




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Wednesday, 15 March 2023 to Friday, 7 April 2023
Friday, 17 March 2023 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

ARTEGO Gallery is proud to present "NEW YORK PEONY," a group exhibition featuring the works of six talented Asian artists who have established themselves in the contemporary art world of New York. The "PEONY of NEW YORK" exhibition takes its name from the peony, a flower that has great cultural significance in Asia and is widely admired for its beauty. In Asian culture, the peony is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity and has been celebrated in various paintings and used as a decorative image in daily life. The metaphor of the title particularly fits the achievements of these Asian artists, who have overcome many obstacles to establish themselves in the contemporary art scene of New York.

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Ha JungEun is a New York-based artist. Her mixed media pieces are characterized by nostalgia and memory with old antique frames and traditional Korean fabrics. These works are a collection of small stories that capture the delicate and comprehensive experiences of being a Korean-American woman. Her work shows the unadorned beauty of everyday life.

Haney Kim is a multidisciplinary artist in painting, sculpture, and media pieces. His work is based on traditional elements such as Korean paper, natural dyeing, and needlework. His work presents traditional brilliance and enhances its essence. In addition, such visual elements conceptually interpret the sense of alienation experienced while being dispatched as an immigrant and adapting to other cultures.

Yuko Nishikawa is a Japanese designer and contemporary ceramicist based in Brooklyn. She specializes in fantastical installations, whimsical lighting, handcrafted lamps, chandeliers, sculptures, vases, and mobiles. Significantly the cheerful mobile installation made of recycled paper transforms the space of everyday life into a dreamy land with bright colors. 

Yooah Park, who majored in Asian ink painting, declares the identity as the symbolic movement of a brush stroke in the ink painting. In particular, her individuality, which the artist showed through her family history and adoptee portraits, is sincere and appealing. In this exhibition, her 12 hanging scrolls containing the beautiful color structure and animals of the 12 zodiacs paradoxically bless the weight of fate and life.

Xin Song is most well-known for her major paper-cut works, rooted in the traditional Chinese folk paper technique, Jianzhi. Song carefully selects illustrations from magazines and newspapers and cuts and arranges them into seemingly joyful flowers and foliage. The rich and bright sensitivity contains an artist's wish despite difficulties, which is also the audience's hope.

Feng Zhang is the representative artist of new realism sculpture in contemporary China. He specializes in creating bronze sculptures that excel at rough textures and simplified representations of the human body. As the expression of shadow in his sculptures implies that the truth is beyond the visible world, his work captures the sincerity of life and the essence of humanity.

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3288 48th Street, Astoria New York 11103

Studio Artego , new york

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New York Peony
03/15/2023 to 04/07/2023


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