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Günther Förg. Tupfenbilder | How Do You Feel?




Saturday, 22 April 2023

Art has one job and that is to make people feel. So how do the Spot Paintings in ‘Günther Förg. Tupfenbilder’ make us feel?

Artist-convener Gaylene Gould’s How Do You Feel experience comes to Hauser & Wirth London, offering you a chance to explore your feelings whilst encountering Günther Förg’s playful works.

Like Förg’s own experiment, the event will allow a small group to explore ‘unlearning’ and play in their own lives through a series of facilitated mindful exercises involving movement, stillness, conversation and drawing. Inspired by phenomenology, you will have the time to notice the sensations, memories and imaginations that emerge when time is spent with the works. This playful session will leave you feeling more aware and connected to the works, each other and yourself. The bespoke experience will be facilitated by Gaylene Gould and Zaynab Bunsie.

Tickets for this event are free, however you will need to book your tickets in advance. If you are able, we encourage attendees to donate to our 2023 charity partner Brixton Soup Kitchen.

Artist ( Description ): 

‘Günther Förg. Tupfenbilder’ is on view through 29 April 2023.

Günther Förg was a prolific painter, sculptor, graphic designer and photographer whose daring conceptual works incorporate and critique tropes of the sprawling movement known as modernism. This exhibition, in the North Gallery of the London space, displays Förg’s Spot Paintings, the artist’s final series made between 2005 – 2010 before he stopped painting in 2010 after suffering a stroke.

Other Info: 

About How Do You Feel
How Do You Feel is an experience inspired by Gaylene’s Radio 4 documentary Transcendence: How Can I Feel Art Again? which explored ways to feel art more deeply and can be heard on BBC Sounds.

About Gaylene Gould and The Space to Come
How Do You Feel is a The Space to Come production. The Space to Come is a project by artist-convener Gaylene Gould that creates interactive experiences for people to explore a deeper relationship to themselves, each other and the world about them. The Space to Come experiences are participatory and collaborative. They blend artforms, conversation, reflection, play and ritual to test new ways of fostering a more compassionately connected world.

Venue ( Address ): 

Hauser & Wirth
23 Savile Row
London W1S 2ET
United Kingdom

Hauser & Wirth , London

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