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A WALK by Brendan Lynch




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Thursday, 11 May 2023 to Saturday, 3 June 2023

OMNI is pleased to present Brendan Lynch’s newest exhibition, A Walk The New York-based, artist graduated from the Education School of Visual Arts with B.F.A., and in 2011 he earned an M.F.A from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Brendan Lynch’s “A Walk” presents a body of work that spans size, style, and time. The paintings are presented on the floor and joined edge to edge, holding each other accountable in creating a newfound landscape. Each piece, created without awareness of the others, surrenders to the new scenery, allowing the works to claim a sense of belonging while affirming their individuality. 

In addition to his own work, Lynch invited forty artists from various backgrounds to contribute paintings that hide in plain sight amongst his own, from Ariana Papademetropoulos who has recently shown with Vito Schnabel and Jeffrey Deitch, New York based artist Eric Foss, Los Angeles based Mario Ayala, London’s Faye Wei Wei, to the artist’s own brother and father. A Walk will total 270 artworks in its entirety, presented throughout the entire ground floor at OMNI.

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Working across a range of mediums, Brendan Lynch is known for his abstract graphite and aluminium on wood creations and his spray-painted universes on gallery walls. Having grown up in Los Angeles, Lynch’s youth was a kaleidoscope of graffiti, cartoons, and comic strips. Conflating high and low cultural aesthetics, Lynch employs a variety of mediums, typically preferring non-traditional and profane materials such as surf wax, cigarette ash, potato chips and even toenail clippings. Bob Ross’ instructional painting videos have greatly inspired much of his work, allowing Lynch to lean and experiment with multimedia installation, blurring the lines created in gallery spaces by merging walls with his landscapes. Lynch has had solo shows at Bugada & Cargnel, Paris; White Cube, London; Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, New York and Thomas Brambilla Gallery, Bergamo. He is a member of the Brooklyn-based organisation, The Still House Group.

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Established in London in 2022, OMNI represents a diverse roster of multidisciplinary modern and contemporary artists. Cultivating a vibrant community of established and emerging artists, collectors, and enthusiasts, OMNI works directly with talent to provide clients with unique access to artworks over the progression of their careers. In addition to fostering collaborative relationships with artists, the gallery’s innovative exhibition programming underlines its driving principle: to serve as an international artistic platform inclusive of all forms of media. This independent approach is further emboldened by OMNI’s partnerships across industries, engaging its worldwide audience through carefully curated collaborations and experiences.

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Eastcastle St, London W1W 8EQ

Lisa Baker Ltd , London

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