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Infinite Beings by Michael Dotson




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Thursday, 11 May 2023 to Saturday, 3 June 2023
Thursday, 11 May 2023 - 6:00pm

OMNI is proud to announce its upcoming exhibition, Infinite Beings, featuring the work of experimental contemporary artist, Michael Dotson.  

A graduate of the American University in Washington D.C. with a Masters in Fine Art, Dotson has had notable international exhibitions including solo exhibitions with Zieher Smith & Horton, New York, Salon Zurcher, Paris and group shows with Brand New Gallery, Milan, and Dio Horia, Athens and Mykonos.

Dotson’s work explores the ideas of psychedelic, experimental paintings that reflect and reimagine his long-standing interest in replicating the internal logic of video games and the internet. His work originally stems from distorting found images from Disney movies but more recently, has progressed into his Infinite Beings series created by scanning original freeform sketches into Photoshop to digitally manipulated the subject, creating a reference for his final paintings.

Much like David Haperin in his book ‘Intimate Alien’ where he discusses looking into the darkness and ‘it’s the alien that winks back at us’, Dotson notes how we chose to anthropomorphise the things we don’t understand and our human curiosity ‘drives to seek answers beyond our reach.’

The exhibition will consist of eight paintings on panel that lead the viewer into an experimental age of cyberspace. These alien personas that are depicted throughout his abstract expressions appear in virtual settings that he rendered with ‘vaporwave’ palettes creating almost hypnotic spaces and environments that are all-encompassing. With the use of gesso, the painting maintains a slightly rough, grainy texture creating a surface like that of watercolour paper on panel. The rough texture gives the work more physicality, contrasting the virtual aspect of the pieces.

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American artist Michael Dotson (b.1982) creates psychedelic, experimental paintings that reflect and reimagine his long-standing interest in replicating the internal logic of video games and the internet.

Over the past decade, Dotson has used animation stills as his jumping off point, creating paintings of kaleidoscopic configurations rendered in a variety of vaporwave palettes. Known for depictions of nostalgic animated characters, taken from Disney films and the world wide web, Dotson creates hypnotic paintings plucked from the experimental age of cyberspace and reimagined as highly skilled, beautifully rendered paintings.

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Established in London in 2022, OMNI represents a diverse roster of multidisciplinary modern and contemporary artists. Cultivating a vibrant community of established and emerging artists, collectors, and enthusiasts, OMNI works directly with talent to provide clients with unique access to artworks over the progression of their careers. In addition to fostering collaborative relationships with artists, the gallery’s innovative exhibition programming underlines its driving principle: to serve as an international artistic platform inclusive of all forms of media. This independent approach is further emboldened by OMNI’s partnerships across industries, engaging its worldwide audience through carefully curated collaborations and experiences.

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Eastcastle St, London W1W 8EQ

Lisa Baker Ltd , London

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