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Thursday, 8 June 2023 to Saturday, 22 July 2023
Thursday, 8 June 2023 - 6:00pm

Charley Peters is a London based artist, writer, and independent curator. She makes paintings where abstract language and contemporary screen aesthetics collide, remixing familiar motifs from art history, retro gaming, TV and the Internet on works on canvas, walls and in public spaces. 
Full Throttle, her new solo exhibition at The Foundry Gallery, London is an engaging installation of paintings and painted objects which reflect the graphically complex world in which we live. Alongside a suite of paintings on canvas are a number of painted objects - traffic cones and chain barriers - both of which appear as props to navigate and crash through in the game Driver to add drama and excitement. They “acknowledge the sculptural potential of painting where most of what we experience is non-physical and seen on a screen.” (3) A NEW SERIES of hand painted vintage floppy discs and 3D prints of pixelated stars further reinforce the relationship between the analogue and digital in Peters’ work and the spatial potential of the painted surface, creating an interplay between flatness and sculptural form. 

Behind the paintings on canvas on the gallery’s walls, Peters has made a series of site specific greyscale wall paintings of graphic symbols reminiscent of road markings, signage and car dashboard icons, which interact with the gallery’s layout. As well as being suggestive of the language of hard-edge abstraction, they act as a framing device to the canvases, creating another level of dynamism, “You can’t compete with the architecture of spaces but it eventually becomes part of the work…it’s like a collaboration.” 

Charley Peters’ work is characterised by dualities, positioned somewhere between representation and abstraction, and control and impulsivity. In Full Throttle, Peters has created an exhibition of exhilarating paintings and painted objects where she has taken the language of High Modernism and made it collide spectacularly with the aesthetics and pervasiveness of contemporary screen culture.

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ABOUT CHARLEY PETERS: Charley Peters lives and works in London and exhibits internationally, showing recently at Saatchi Gallery (London), Meakin + Parsons (Oxford), Hauser & Wirth (London), Z20 Sara Zanin Gallery (Rome), Yantai Art Museum (Yantai), Art 2 (New York) and National Museum of Gdansk (Gdansk). Her clients include Meta/Facebook, House of Vans, ITV, London Art Fair, Wembley Park and Hospital Rooms. Peters completed a PhD in Fine Art Theory and Practice and has contributed writing about art to several online and print publications. She is a visiting tutor in Fine Art at City & Guilds of London Art School, a visiting painting mentor at Turps Art School and a Postgraduate Senior Lecturer at University of the Arts London.

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ABOUT THE FOUNDRY GALLERY: The Foundry Gallery (est. 2010) is a contemporary art gallery in Chelsea, London that explores the relationships between art and architecture. Established as part of Le Lay Architects, the gallery forms the foundation of the practice’s research into how architectural ideas are conceived and engaged with.
The Foundry Gallery is uniquely positioned as both a commercial gallery and a project space. Acting as a ‘launch pad’ we do not represent artists, but rather each year we select three artists, (many whom haven’t had a solo exhibition in a commercial gallery) through application, to work collaboratively on a new body of work which explores the ethos of The Foundry Gallery's founding principles. We provide artists with an opportunity to take risks and define/redefine their practice. Not bound to a house style, we have shown a wide range of artwork informed by contemporary artistic practice across multi-disciplines. 
Under the direction of Elizabeth Goode (2011- present), the gallery has been contextualising and reframing artists work, enabling artistic exchanges and bringing new ideas to the public’s attention. With a post-graduate degree in Fine Art and her years of experience as a Fine Art lecturer, Elizabeth brings together her profound understanding of artistic working practices alongside her comprehensive knowledge of contemporary and historical art. This two-fold methodology enables her to be both a catalyst and a supportive framework as she collaboratively works with artists for up to a year, in developing thoughtful, critical exhibitions. Elizabeth’s aim is to build a supportive network of like-minded artists who are focused on generating ambitious and engaging artwork who understand our The Foundry Gallery’s vision.

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39 Old Church Street, Chelsea, London, SW3 5BS U.K.

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