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Daisy Dodd-Noble: Landscapes from the UK





Thursday, 8 December 2022 to Saturday, 14 January 2023
Wednesday, 7 December 2022 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Roman Road is pleased to present Landscapes from the UK, a solo exhibition by British artist Daisy Dodd-Noble. Taking the English countryside as its ostensible subject, the show features a collection of her latest paintings, teeming with thriving trees and shrubs in idyllic landscapes.

Appropriating specific trees she has encountered and whose history and origins she learned about through travels around the UK, Dodd-Noble reimagines them as expressive characters, coexisting, communicating and prospering in tranquil terrains. She seeks to disassemble component parts of the traditional landscape - by presenting trees as distinguished individuals - encouraging us to consider our own uniqueness and at once our shared consciousness and interdependence with the natural world. The essence of the UK’s landscape transpires through her analogous colour schemes; think forest and olive greens, goldenrod yellows and touches of muted oranges and browns – the shades of a typical British summer on the brink of autumnal change.

Dodd-Noble’s paintings are completely devoid of people, terrestrial animals and man-made structures. Yet the trace of mankind is found in the curation of the landscapes, accented with displays of native and non-native trees. It’s also possible to see ourselves in these trees that inhabit the artist’s softly composed abstract scenes through their interconnectedness with each other, being redolent of our human relationships. When examining Dodd-Noble’s latest paintings we can gain a deeper understanding of nature connection and its anchoring and vital force, perhaps emboldening us to make a transformational change.

On the occasion of the show, Roman Road will be hosting a talk between the artist and Landscape Architect Stephanos Georgiou from Dan Pearson Studio and special guests who will be discussing the British landscape now and next, reflecting on the long-term effects of climate change, on Thursday 12 January 2023 at the gallery.

Artist ( Description ): 

Daisy Dodd-Noble (b.1989, United Kingdom) is a painter based in London who received her MFA at the New York Academy of Arts in 2016. She completed a residency with L21 Gallery, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, in 2021. Her recent group exhibitions include Lost in the Worlds, F2T Gallery, Paris (2022); Mystical Nature, Roman Road, London (2022); Summer Lovin’, Stems Gallery, Ixelles (2022); Two Sisters, Roman Road, London (2022); and Desire and Anxiety, G/ART/EN Gallery, Como (2021). Her work has also been exhibited in solo shows, including Origins, L21 Factory, L’Hospitalet, Barcelona (2022); Grounded, L21 Gallery, Palma de Mallorca (2022); and The Wood for the Trees, Roman Road at The Columbia, London (2021).

Venue ( Address ): 

50 Golborne Road

London W10 5PR

Roman Road , London

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