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Flowers and Fruits - Portraits



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Friday, 19 April 2024 to Wednesday, 24 April 2024
Tuesday, 19 March 2024 - 10:00am

If you love vibrant colours, rich textures and harmonious compositions full of light, this exhibition is for you! 

Indulge in a visual feast as Mariya McAllister, an accomplished artist from Clacton on Sea, presents her solo exhibition, "Flowers and Fruits - Portraits," at Old Grocery Art Space from 19th to 24th of April, 2024. This enchanting collection, immersed in the essence of British flora, invites you to delve into a world of vibrant colours and meticulous details.

As a lover of nature, Mariya finds inspiration in the natural wonders surrounding her – be it the allure of a delicate flower, the richness of fruits, or the enchanting landscapes. Harnessing the dynamic medium of acrylics, Mariya breathes life into her canvases, crafting harmonious and vibrant compositions. The exploration of contrasting colours, textures, and light results in works that verge on photo-realism. Every brushstroke seeks to encapsulate the intricacies of the subject, inviting viewers into a world where nature's wonders are frozen in time.

"My favourite memories from childhood are of nature walks in the parks and drawing. I would collect different items if their texture, shapes or colours would strike me as unique: for example pine cones, leaves, conkers, rocks, fruits and flowers. My pockets were always full when I came home. After arranging flowers in a vase, I would be watching them everyday and feel sad when they start to fade away. I suppose it was this love of nature and my desire to preserve the beauty around me that led me to painting."

A turning point in Mariya's life occurred during the challenging year of 2022, marked by her father's serious stroke and the turmoil in her birth country, Ukraine. Confronted with the fragility of life, Mariya discovered solace and purpose in her art. Leaving behind a successful career in graphic design, she embraced the roles of a full-time artist and art teacher, fuelled by a desire to spread happiness and love of nature through her creative expressions.

Mariya warmly invites you to join this celebration of nature's beauty at Old Grocery Art Space. Immerse yourself in the magical world of flowers and fruits, where each canvas
strives to preserve nature's wonders.

Artist ( Description ): 

My name is Mariya McAllister and I am an accomplished artist and art teacher based in Clacton on Sea, near Colchester in United Kingdom.

I love to paint beauty I see around me. It could be a beautiful flower, fruits or a landscape which captivates my heart. In the subject I am looking for vibrant, contrasting colours and interesting shapes. My favourite mediums are acrylics – because of vibrant colours and watercolours – because of interesting colours’ transitions. I am focusing on creating a painting which would capture every detail and colour shade of the subject.

I hold MA in Art Education and MSc in Graphic Design and Multimedia.

Other Info: 

Opening times 10am-5pm, 19-24 April 2024

For enquiries please text or email:

0044 7745110027

Venue ( Address ): 

Old Grocery Art Space, 48 High St, Wivenhoe, Colchester CO7 9AZ

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Flowers and Fruits - Portraits
04/19/2024 to 04/24/2024

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