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‘Infinite Nature’





Wednesday, 28 June 2023 to Sunday, 9 July 2023

RedHouse Originals Gallery is delighted to announce an exclusive exhibition at Vulkan in Oslo this summer. ‘Infinite Nature’ will feature four of its most successful international contemporary artists and will include originals and limited-edition prints exploring themes of nature and the human psyche.

Danny Larsen has become one of Norway’s most exciting and sought after emerging artists, creating atmospheric paintings that celebrate the landscape of his homeland. Showing in his native country for the first time since his solo exhibition at the prestigious Kittelsen Museum, Vikersund.

His stippling technique, particularly the spacing between dots, allows Larsen to detail intricate depth in the scene; the viewer is shown that the ordinary can be something extraordinary. His spiritual response to the natural world and attention to detail are aspects of art that Larsen likens to his former career as a renowned international snowboarder; both being intrinsically linked to nature. 

“Like snowboarding, art offers both freedom of self-expression and proximity to nature.” – Danny Larsen

Alongside Larsen will be a host of international artists, including new work from the studio of Florence Blanchard. A painter, muralist and screen printer, Blanchard was born in Montpellier and began writing graffiti in the early 1990s under the moniker ‘Ema’. She later graduated with a PhD in Molecular Genetics from New York University. It was then that she began translating her studies into large-scale public murals, combining her work as a street artist with her discoveries as a scientist.

Now known for her work transforming city spaces with her signature slowing, amorphous shapes in bright colours, Blanchard has exhibited in galleries and public spaces in the US, Japan, Europe, Australia and the UK. For ‘Infinite Nature’ Blanchard will exhibit a series of paintings and prints that relate directly to public commissions she has undertaken, celebrating the relationship of art, science and the urban landscape.

“I spent many years looking at the structure of various living things through powerful microscope lenses. This has permanently affected the way I see the world.” - Florence Blanchard

Completing the ‘Infinite Nature’ line-up are abstract artists Schoph and Thomas James Butler. Initially rising to prominence on the international snowboarding scene, Scoph is now known for creating brooding paintings that are at once beautiful and dark. Nuanced layers of texture and colour are executed boldly and without compromise to express raw energy and depth. Though more vibrant in palette, Butler offers his own raw energy in his chaotic experimentation with incompatible colours and bold compositions which, when brought together, create works that are unexpectedly harmonious.

Infinite Nature is the second exhibition that RedHouse has presented in Oslo, having exhibited ‘Head Heart Hand’, a successful joint headline show with artists Danny Larsen and Schoph in 2019.

RedHouse Gallery founder Richard McTague comments:

“We are all thrilled to be back in Oslo. Danny and Schoph have a great following here already, and to be introducing Florence and Thomas is very exciting. Each artist has approached the subject in radically different ways, yet all touching on our relationship with the natural world, and what connects us all.”

RedHouse Gallery has become known for curating an active exhibition programme of both contemporary art and photography, having hosted exhibitions by esteemed artists including Keith Haring, Sir Peter Blake and Eduardo Paolozzi.

Venue ( Address ): 

The Studio, Vulkan 15, 0178 Oslo

Lisa Baker Ltd , London

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