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Niki de Saint Phalle - Paradis Retrouvé





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Friday, 21 October 2022 to Wednesday, 30 November 2022
Friday, 21 October 2022 - 6:00pm

To close its annual programming, Opera Gallery in Paris is pleased to present, from Oct. 21 to Nov. 30, Paradise Found, an exhibition dedicated to Niki de Saint Phalle. More than twenty exceptional works by the French-American artist will be presented, highlighting her creativity through a variety of techniques and materials in a universe populated by imaginary animals and colorful Nanas.

A feminist and intellectually committed artist, Niki de Saint Phalle (1930-2002) belonged to the New Realists group, which she joined in 1961 after meeting Jean Tinguely.
Throughout her career, she never stopped integrating episodes from her life into her works. Paradise Found is in this sense a fantasy garden imagined by Niki de Saint Phalle, inhabited by creatures and characters representative of her environment. The cathartic benefits of the creative act thus offer her the opportunity to escape into a world that obeys its own codes. Her artistic figures, in the round and often monumental, tame the demons that inhabit the artist. Her work is therapeutic and allows her to externalize the pains and reveries she grew up with. This exhibition brings together a collection of works that illustrate the imaginary paradise she has constructed for herself through art.

Opera Gallery in Paris offers an immersive experience in the imagination of this exceptional and daring artist, whose works will take you on a journey through a multifaceted and colorful garden.

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62, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris

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