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Tranquillum 2024: An International Art Exhibition by Gallerium



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Wednesday, 22 May 2024 to Monday, 22 July 2024
Wednesday, 22 May 2024 - 6:00pm


We are delighted to extend a warm invitation to you for the Tranquillum - 2024 International Online Art Exhibition. Tranquillum, derived from the Latin word for tranquility, embodies more than just a sense of calm; it’s an emotion, an experience, and a state of mind. This unique virtual event is a celebration of art’s ability to evoke serenity, peace, and calmness in our hectic lives.

The exhibition opens globally from May 22, and will continue for two months until July 22, 2024.

This year’s exhibition brings together a diverse array of artworks from talented artists around the world, each piece thoughtfully curated to evoke the essence of Tranquillum. From soothing landscapes to contemplative abstract works, every piece is an invitation to pause, reflect, and immerse yourself in a moment of peaceful introspection.

We encourage you to explore this online gallery at your leisure, allowing each artwork to speak to you and resonate with your personal sense of tranquility. As you navigate through the exhibition, we invite you to share your thoughts and impressions by leaving ratings and comments on each artwork. Your feedback not only enriches the experience for fellow visitors but also provides valuable insights to the artists.

By visiting Tranquillum - 2024, you become part of a global community that values the profound impact of art on our mental and emotional well-being. Your engagement helps to foster a deeper appreciation for the calming power of art and supports the artists who dedicate their creativity to bringing tranquility into our lives.

Join us in this celebration of serenity and beauty. Experience Tranquillum, and let the art guide you to a place of peace and reflection.

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Artist ( Description ): 

Ed Whitmore, Gayle Printz, Robin Rudolph, Charlotte Noyes, Jane Gottlieb, Gladys Waters, Mira Clark, Nadine Romain, ILIA, Brad Alderman, Jose Bolet, Cassie Heintz, Vince Quevedo, Nina Luna, Barbara Page, Emily Peca, Maria Overlay, Steve Yates, Norman Gabitzsch, Michael Palichleb, Cora Roth, Andy Ilachinski, Darlene Spell, Joran Juveli Marstrander, Tyler Harris, Jody Peters, Christina Davis, David Houle, Rebecca Horne, Hyosook Lee, Howard York, Dylan Shuro Allwood, Steven Barger, Alice Bedard-Voorhees, Ken Beerbohm, Brittany Bennett, Margot Bergland, Crystal Billing, Nancy Blacker, Kamila Blessing, Erin Bolden, Precious Burger, Sacha Colvin, Annie Danberg, Michael Dane, Autumn Deen, Daiva Diana, Rickie DuBurke, Ruth Egnater, Doreen Ellis, Tak Erzinger, Orna Feinstein, Lisa Ferrara, Joshua Field, Dwjuan Fox, Jodius Fuqua, Ron Garofalo, Lale Gerger, Andrea Gohl, George Gonzalez, Mark Goodmanson, Sylvie Hanna, Karen Kurka Jensen, Jill Jernigan, Bette Kauffman, Eileen Kelly, Claire Kerven, Lauren Kingsland, Lupe Lawrence, Allison Lea, Stacy Leeman, Amanda Lucek, Korey Luna, Leslie Marcus, Colleen Martinelli, Maristela Miller, Mary Monteiro, William Moore, Danette Moran, Lillie Morris, Marcia Morrow, Kelly Moyle Haltom, Stephanie Navon Jacobson, Robert Niemeier, Melissa OGara, Mary-Jo Okawa, Mallorie Ostrowitz, Katie Owenby, Stone Peng, Georgia Pollock, Catie Radney, Eileen Riley, Sarah Roberts, Nina Roca, Mackenna Rodgers, Lynn Rodriguez, Leila Rofan, Madeleine Schachter, Victoria Selby, Mimi Seton, Andrea Shearing, Ariel Snapp, Cristina Szyszko, Artie Terra, Erik Thien, Nina Weiss, Gina Whalen, Derrick Whaley, Emma Widmer, Ted Wilson, Doreen Wulbrecht, Mirta Wymerszberg, Benjamin Xu, Mingyang Xu, Scott D.S. Young, Brigitte Bourger

Other Info: 

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Poland, Peru, Spain, Iran, Norway, Netherlands, Sudan, Korea (South), Venezuela, Switzerland, Israel, Germany

Venue ( Address ):

Biafarin Inc. , Vancouver

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