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TIME 2023: An International Group Exhibition by Exhibizone



Exhibition Type:

Thursday, 1 June 2023 to Monday, 31 July 2023
Thursday, 1 June 2023 - 6:00pm

Exhibizone delightfully invites you to visit TIME 2023 art exhibition and get ready to be transported into the realm of TIME, where time transcends its conventional boundaries, offering a mesmerizing feast in a journey for capturing your soul in time. 

TIME 2023 international art exhibition opened on June 01st and will continue through July 31st has ingeniously captured the enigma of time, depicting its fleeting nature, eternal essence, and profound impact on our lives.  

As you walk through TIME 2023, we encourage you to explore the visual stories brilliantly told by talented artists from various countries and leave your comments and ratings for each encountered artwork. Your feedback is invaluable to artists and our ever-growing art community, fostering artistic communications and fueling inspiration.

Enchanted with Enya’s “Only Time” lyrics and music, we may find answers to…

Who can say where the road goes?

Where the day flows? Only time

And who can say if your love grows

As your heart chose? Only time

Artist ( Description ): 

Kenan K., Minnie Valero, Ted Barr, Robert Falcone, Robin Rudolph, Sarah Edge, ILIA, Dmitriy Gushchin, Lucas Bianchi, Valeri Cranston, Ronald Walker, Layla Moody, Jennifer Tepper, Andy Ilachinski, Irina Howard, Rene Crystal, Ollivier Prigent, Milton Gore, Servane Briand, Leon Oks, Michael Levin, GraceAnn Cummings, Jane Gottlieb, Joshua Osburg, Marjorie Murray Dix, Irina Bast, Karen Schaffenberger, Paula Borsetti, Carolina Ramonde, Niki McNeil, Janice M Pulsifer, Dida Andr, Sam Horowitz, Nanc Cohen Koan, Sandra Frankel, Joel Rudin, Nikki Coulombe, Marissa Madonna, Lissa Mel, Robert Creighton, Joan Bazzel, Dita Lūse, Donald White, Jim Bellisle, Feza Guvenal, Melanie Moglich, Jan Guarino, Alicia Arnold, Timothy Atseff, Charlene Avery, Libby Bailey, Savannah Bailey, Indira Balkissoon, Takara Beatheagudell, Vlad Bibik, Robert Bickel, Gary Birch, Nancy Blacker, Nina Boone, Phillip Bradley-Ortiz, LauraLee Bradshaw, Larry Butcher, Nix Calma, Benjamin Camp, Jessica Carder, Rebecca Carpenter, Julius Cavira, Carson Crooks, Mike B Davies, Michael Detto, Bryon Draper, Kainsly Duda, David Feingold, Michael Frank, Sydney Galloway, Jenna Germano, Marygrace Gladden, Mark Goodmanson, Kathy Grentzenberg, Evy Olsen Halvorsen, Rebecca Hammett, Kate Hanley, Jennifer Harper, Michael Hesser, Kenn Hetzel, Sharla Jean Hoskin, Bill Huff, Arthur Jacoby, Phi Kasem-Beg, Ruin Kenzie, Sylvia Kerry, Irina Kharlamova, Marc Kittner, Allyson Klein, Joyce Krachmalnick, Karol Kusmaul, Jared leClaire, Astrid Li, Steve Mason, Gabriella Mezta, Elizabeth Mobley, Susan Moore, Todd Muffatti, Arisa Nakahata, Ki Nichole, Dan Obana, Ross Junior Owusu, Darrel Perkins, Anh Pham, Andrey Pochernin, Jin Powell, Michaela Puscas, Brian Quinn, Libby Raab, John Mark Rainey, Steven Rands, Alyssa Reamsbottom, Robin Reva, Samantha Reynolds, Susan Ridley, Amy Ropple, Roxy Rubell, Genesis Sarmiento, Janet Schatzman, Tarunima Sen, Mary Shisler, Susan Spitz, Kathrin Sumpter, Michael Surber, Ron Verwey, Terry Vitacco, Susan Williams, Madeleine Wories, Steve Yates, Beverly Zeller

Other Info: 

Countries: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Brazil, Turkey, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Uruguay, Germany, Japan, India, Guyana

Venue ( Address ):

Biafarin Inc. , Vancouver

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