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There is always a choice: A Painting Exhibition by Natasha Freeman



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Saturday, 1 June 2024 to Thursday, 1 August 2024
Saturday, 1 June 2024 - 6:00pm

There is Always a Choice, an international online solo painting mixed media exhibition by Natasha Freeman opens on June 01, and will continue for two months until August 01, 2024.

Natasha's solo mixed media painting exhibition, "There is Always a Choice," showcases her profound belief in the power of personal choice. Her abstract works are a testament to her conviction that nothing can prevent an individual from forging their own path. Natalya sees beauty as a conscious choice, one she embraces wholeheartedly as an artist. Through her art, she resurrects lost beauty from the void, transforming conceptual ruins into vibrant, emotional landscapes. Her creations invite viewers to rediscover beauty in the world, colored by her unique vision and passion.

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Natalya Ponomoreva (artist’s pseudonym is Natasha Freeman)  is an impressionist artist. In her work applying painting techniques of impressionism she strives to reinterpret this style, give it a new life and make it sound more modern.

She fills her artworks with symbols which encourage viewers to think about problems of the modern world such as the freedom of choice, the responsibility for the choices we make, inner freedom of people and facing challenges  on the way to that freedom. 

She got a degree in interior design at the St. Petersburg High School of Design and Technologies, graduated from the Sverdlovsk Art School, attended a summer course of academic drawing and painting at the Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts.

Natasha Freeman is a current member of the Union of Russian Artists. She   has shown her work in both solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Italy, France, Greece, Russia and Kazakhstan. Her artworks are in private collections in the USA, Germany, Russia.

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Biafarin Inc. , Vancouver

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