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Kingdom Animalia 2023: An International Art Exhibition



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Tuesday, 1 August 2023 to Saturday, 30 September 2023
Tuesday, 1 August 2023 - 6:00pm

Exhibizone is thrilled to invite you to visit Kingdom Animalia online international art exhibition, the celebration of beauty of diversity of animals in natural and fantasy world - the "Kingdom Animalia" Online Art Exhibition.

The exhibition officially opens on August 01st and will continue for two months until September 30th.

From the fierce and majestic predators to the tiny and delicate creatures, each piece of art will transport you to a world where imagination and nature's marvels come alive on the magical world of art. Immerse yourself in this visual journey of discovery, emotion, and admiration for the boundless beauty of the animal realm.

We encourage all visitors to actively engage with the exhibition by leaving their ratings and heartfelt comments on each artwork they encounter. Your feedback will not only motivate our brilliant artists but also foster a sense of community among art enthusiasts worldwide.

Join us at "2nd Annual Kingdom Animalia Exhibition" and let the power of art and the allure of the animal realm ignite your imagination.

The exhibition is accessible online from the comfort of your homes, making it a unique and convenient opportunity for everyone to partake in this unforgettable artistic experience.

Artist ( Description ): 

William Moore, Farida Ali, Tom Delaney, Matthew Derezinski, Mary Monteiro, Jim Resnick, ILIA, Nicole Kit, S Kumar, Milton Gore, Jeanne Rietzke, JoAnn Lieberman, Edith Kernerman, Giuseppe Persia, Wayne Paige, Cyndy Beardsley, Michael Talbot, Nicole Dubov, Anna Pasenko, Edward Donald, David Gallegos, Robert Falcone, Katherine Brown, Jackie Burson, Mel Dugosh, Phyllis Cullen, Dieneke Tiekstra, Joel Armstrong, Tina Puckett, Susan Holloway, Allen Ruttenberg, Jocelyne Deschamps-kus, Angela Chirila, Michael O'Shields, Nikki Coulombe, Carole Boyd, Susie Stiles, Kristiina Roots, Maritza Breitenbach, Nancy Gordon, Jingshuo Yang, David Feingold, Irina Shoyhet, Christiane Carter, Betty Wolfe, Sam Abrahamson, CJ Anderson, Marianne Andresen - Magin, Suzanne Andrews, Bonnie Askowitz, Seleny Banuelos, John Benevento, Jim Berenholtz, Elizabeth Bernstein, Karla Bird, Krzysztof Bobrowski, Anne Bujold, Wendy Burr, Dawnja Burris, Drew Butterwick, Doraine Carswell, Mei Fung Elizabeth Chan, Beverly Chick, Amber Chiozza, Devin Cho, Alexandra Corwin, Mark Dietzel, Catherine Donovan, Collin Douma, Felicidad Dukes, Shawn Solus, Mattie Egerter, Kurt Garbe, Diane George, Rose Gong Monier, George Gonzalez, Kaye Gordo, Phyllis Gunderson, Lexi Hannah, Lynette K Henderson, Leah Horton, Arthur Jacoby, Shireen Jamehdor, Gareth Jones, Kate Kelly, Mary Beth King, Amanda Kiplinger, Anna Ladyzhenskaya, James Leger, Ric MacDowell, Patrick Marquis, Janet Móczár-Buti, Sanna Strangelove, Ken McCall, Miriam Medrez, Kristina Mekdeci, Kenneth Meyer, Shelby Michelbrink, Lydia Miller, Suzanne Moreau, Joan Neubecker, chris Nitsche, Barbara Page, Emma Pan, Christina Polosky, Alan Powell, Radeaux, Kari Rives, Hira Roberts, Stacey Roush, Robin Rudolph, Abel Schiro, Dagny Sellorin, James Severtson, Ken Sexton, Judy Stevens, Lilly Taylor, Mary Taylor, Amber Tyler-Elliott, Amy Unger, John Vale, Jack Whitney, Eileen Wong Cervera, Deborah Csongradi

Other Info: 

Countries: United States, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, France, Estonia, South Africa, Poland, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom

Venue ( Address ):

Biafarin Inc. , Vancouver

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