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Danielle van Zadelhoff. FROM DEEP WITHIN




Danielle van Zadelhoff is a Dutch photographer, who now lives and works in Antwerp (Belgium). Danielle likes shooting in different genres, but it is portraiture, which brought her recognition. Most of the portraits are created in the classical manner with reference to the paintings of the great masters of the Renaissance. Deep but rather scarce color palette, dark background and play of shadow and light constitute Danielle’s laconic style. However, it’s the essence of works that doesn’t let you forget her oeuvre.

The photographer manages to notice and depict those feelings and emotions that are hidden deeply inside and are not evident. Outer appearance turns out to be just a mask, which on closer examination is dissolved in a storm of emotions that the viewer empathizes with the sitter. The latest series of Danielle is called "From deep within" and helps us to peek into the inner world of a person, to feel what he or she feels and share the same sensations. In order to achieve this effect the artist uses her accumulated life experience and favorite shooting techniques.

Danielle’s series “From deep within” is all about life and feelings that sometimes are so hard to notice in the transience of life.

Artist ( Description ): 

Danielle van Zadelhoff

Other Info: 

Just before the opening of the exhibition "From deep within" Danielle van Zadelhoff will give an interview to Artdependence Magazine through Live Video Stream. The live interviews are planned on 11 June at 6pm and on 12 June at 5pm Belgian time (CEST time). Find the link here.

Venue ( Address ): 

The exhibition “From deep within” will be held at NUNC Contemporary Gallery (Wolstraat 15, Antwerpen) from June 12 till September 26 with the official opening on June 11 at 7 pm.

NUNC Contemporary , Antwerp

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Danielle van Zadelhoff. FROM DEEP WITHIN


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