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Symphony of Mockery





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Thursday, 6 April 2023

Gallery70 is thrilled to present a new body of works by Jon Kraja. For the first time in the country, the artist will show his works through a multi venue concept including Gallery show, Open studio, Discovery Art Fair Cologne presentation, Online viewing room in ARTSY. 

The series of paintings Symphony of  Mockery by Jon Kraja are time lapses of our daily life  where everything and everyone:  beauty, television , show , backstage, carnival, social media, Disney hero, politics , seem engaged in a mocking role.

Jamming the images is a futile effort that only empowers  the  fantasies.

The artwork is build by constructing and deconstructing  the image. The brutal spill over of the color  destroys the figure and the original order , provoking  the chaos that delivers the final image.   Jon Kraja introduces in this series,  a gestural , central black and white,  irregular line “I don’t know  if  it is a frequency  of  energy , a childhood flashback of the jamming image,  as seen in the TV ,  or  a fragment of  heart  ECG. But I know that it helps me to tell a story in multiple levels ”

Symphony of Mockery depicts moments of the constant and never-ending  mocking human performance , under the lights of  chandeliers, wondering if mockery  has become our only way to communicate .

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Artist ( Description ): 

Jon Kraja (b.1970) is an Albanian artist, working on  painting,  sculpture, installation  and set design. He emerged in the art scene in the 90ies, after the fall of communism in Albania, producing  surprising concepts in  set design and working on gestural large scale abstract and figurative  painting . He is known for his  personal constant research  in identifying  new ways of expression ,  experimenting on materials and media.

Jon Kraja is preoccupied by the unknown and the utility  of lifeless objects. “I believe art is about one’s heart rather than one’s brain.” says him while asked to define his art . 

 Jon Kraja has exhibited in Albania, Italy, Greece,  Germany, France, Netherlands, USA , Switzerland,  Sweden, in solo and group exhibitions.

Venue ( Address ): 

Gallery70, at Toptani Center 

Rruga Abdi Toptani 

Tirana, Albania 

Gallery70 , Tirana

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